Aug 26, 2020
Elly Contreras
Project Amigo

Elly Contreras-Vermeulen 

Elly born in Holland and Ramiro born in Chile, have been Rotarians since the mid 1990s

They started out in Alberta, where they both served as Club Presidents and Elly continued as DG, zone membership coordinator and represented several RI Presidents at District Conferences.

Due to their frequent travels, Elly decided to explore the E-club Option and chartered the Rotary E-club of Rotary One with Elly serving as its Charter President.

Elly and Ramiro moved from the Stony Plain, Alberta area to Osoyoos in October of 2014. They spend their winters in the state of Colima, Mexico, where since 2008 they have been deeply involved in Project Amigo, an Education Program for disadvantages youth. They have a passion for this project and have seen many children succeed as a result of the support they have received from kind hearted people.

Together Elly and Ramiro have 4 children and 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Elly and Ramiro consider themselves to be very fortunate, to live such a rich life with so many opportunities to serve and being the best they can be and having the opportunities to travel.

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